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In case you need a tank, and its purchase does not look rational, we offer rental tanks. “Crown Plus” LLP has its own tank farm and offers services for storage of petroleum products. As you know, the oil products of each brand should be stored in a separate designated operational tanks. At wrong storage of petroleum products, they begin to lose their properties. To avoid such hassles, you need to take care of their proper preservation. This requires special tanks that meet all safety requirements. The company specializes in the delivery of this service.
Each brand of oil must contain in specially equipped, fully functional tank. Thanks to a wide tank battery, the company can guarantee the safety of any type of oil product in good condition.
Over the years the staff of “Crown Plus” LLP has gained a lot of experience in the storage of petroleum products. Each employee is a qualified expert in his field and perfectly copes with his direct responsibilities.
The company respects the requirements of their clients, trying to satisfy their wishes. Turning to “Crown Plus” LLP, you can be confident in the proper preservation of oil products.